Face Fitness Mini

About the trainer

Anastasiia is a certified face fitness trainer of a worldwide known program "Youngfaces". She will show how easy and effective face exercises can be!

The program is build in a unique way, so that after 21 day you will be completely familiar with a program and will be able to implement it easily in your everyday life! However, you will have access for entire 90 days, so there no pressure on completing it.

"I'm 30, I'm a wife and a mother, and I'm having a full time job too! But I let face fitness come into my life and it changed it completely! Now I decide for what age I'm looking like and when first wrinkles will come. Let me show you how easy and effective face fitness can be, and I'm sure you will enjoy your young looking face and healthy skin as much as I do!"  

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What is in Mini Course?

  • Introduction to a face fitness

  • Forehead: instant lifting

  • Creating sharp brow arch

  • Eyes: eyelid lift and open eyes

  • Nose shaping

  • Double chin reduction

  • Support and feedback under each video

  • Full access for 10 days

1. Introduction to Face Fitness

4. Eyes: eyelid lift and open eyes

2. Forehead: instant lifting

5. Nose shaping

3. Creating sharp brow arch

6. Double chin reduction

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