CND Shellac

SHELLAC® is thin and flexible as nail polish, but provides strong protection of the nails and resists scratches in the paint.

Absolutely unique to SHELLAC®, never file on top of the natural nail, either when applying SHELLAC® or when removing, so your nails will not become weak or damaged by SHELLAC® treatments. In addition to the gentle removal of SHELLAC®, it is also quick to remove - down to just 5 minutes.

SHELLAC® is available in multiple of ​​colors from the classic red, to deep dark winter colors, to the perfect nude color, and each season new colors are launched, created in collaboration with fashion designers so you are always on the season's hottest trend. The quality control for CND's products is very high and despite the many treatments, there has not been a single allergy detection caused by SHELLAC® (we as an importer are legally obliged to record all reports of adverse effects).

Do I damage the natural nail when I remove SHELLAC®?

No, SHELLAC® has been tested and tested for years to ensure that the product fully meets the quality requirements of CND for all its products. It is important that you carefully follow the instructions for removing SHELLAC®, including avoiding any filing removal.

What maintenance does SHELLAC® require?

It is recommended that you use CND SolarOil ™ every day. CND SolarOil ™ penetrates SHELLAC® and keeps the natural nail strong and flexible. The better the condition of the natural nail, the more durable is SHELLAC®.

SHELLAC® is a fully patented and thus unique system - there are no other products on the market with the same properties. Specifically, SHELLAC®is generally more gentle than other products on the market, it retains its high gloss for a longer period of time and is easier and faster to taper (down to 5 minutes), since you do not use SHELLAC® and thus also avoiding damage to the natural nail.

SHELLAC® is the most popular nail treatment in the world and since its launch many copy products have come on the market. However, none of them have the same unique features as SHELLAC®, so if you want the long shelf life, high gloss and optimum protection of your natural nails and skin, make sure you use only authorized SHELLAC® salon. Esthetique is an authourized SHELLAC® in Denmark.

Can SHELLAC® last longer than the promised 14+ days?

Yes, but there will be a growth edge at the eponychium as the nail grows and new nail plate becomes visible. If more than 14+ days after application, it will also take up to 10 minutes longer to remove SHELLAC®, as the attachment to the natural nail will increase after the 14 days.


No, SHELLAC® is developed through a patented, unique technology to provide the consumer with the best quality and at the same time minimize the risk of allergy. Therefore, SHELLAC® does not contain HEMA (2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) as one of the few UV varnishes on the market. Denmark and Sweden discourage the use of, which often causes allergi